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Dave Ramsey’s Best Financial Advice for the Jewish Community | Kosher Money Episode 39

Dave is an individual money professional that has actually assisted countless individuals leave financial obligation as well as develop riches. He is understood for his functional, practical method to finance, as well as the Kosher Money group desired his tackles the special subtleties that Orthodox Jews encounter as it associates with cash.

00:00 Intro
03:12 Kosher Money at Ramsey HQ
03:30 The Big Orthodox Jewish Question
05:07 Biblical Principles of Money
08:30 Leniencies in the Baby Steps?
10:32 The Dangers of Credit Cards
12:08 Home Buying and also Peer Pressure
15:58 Money Impacting Entire Life
20:37 Infinity Land Services
22:10 Raising Independent Kids
26:00 Allowance for Children?
27:38 Approved Funding
32:10 The Power of Charity/Tithing
If You Fell Into Debt, 34:55 Advice
39:44 Successfully Finding Work-Life Balance
42:34 Dave Ramsey’s Advice on Inflation
45:47 Colel Chabad in Israel
47:40 Something More Important Than College
52:39 Entrepreneurship vs. Employment
54:26 How to Get Started with All Things Ramsey
57:19 Dave’s Encouraging Message for You
1:01:44 Outro

Invite to Kosher Cash, a podcast that assists Orthodox Jews as well as individuals throughout the globe make wise economic choices and also attain their cash objectives. In this episode, we have an unique visitor: Dave Ramsey, the bestselling writer and also host of The Ramsey Program.

In this episode, we rested with Dave at Ramsey Solutions’ brand-new HQ in Franklin, TN to review scriptural overviews on cash, his well-known child actions, the value of hostility to financial debt, exactly how monetary security effects various other core locations of life, monetary education and learning and also kids, charity, rising cost of living, therefore far more!


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